CAT Chat Minutes

August 5, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

Do we have a new design for the spare PS2 blades and how many can be replaced at one time?

The first three canted undulator photon shutters will be delivered this Fall. There will have to be design time allocated to retrofitting canted undulator photon shutter blades to the existing PS2 shutter tank. New blades will have to be ordered as spares.

Follow-up Items: The presence of emergency power for Sector 1 was investigated. There is power available. One of the cryo units did not restart because of a faulty timer on the restart package. To test a restart package, one can unplug the cryo unit and then plug it back in after 10-60 seconds.

John Carwardine checked on the availability of additional emergency power. He found there was excess power available, but there would be costs in distributing the power to CATS.


User Operations

Operations/Overall Stats: We are completing the tenth week of the current 2-02 run and are presently in a studies period. This week there have been two minor beam trips. One was related to an RF2 water flow unit. The other was related to unknown beam motion, possibly caused by the 13.2kV bus tie still in place from the raccoon incident.

At this time there is a MTBF of 49.44 hours with 97.5% beam availability.

PS2 Task Force Meeting: Last Thursday, August 1st, the task force met to discuss the 6ID PS2 shutter blade cracks that had caused the water leak. The cracks apparently are caused by stresses generated during thermal and/or mechanical cycling. To determine the extent of the problem, the task force decided to prepare the existing spare PS2 blade for installation in the 9ID PS2 shutter tank. The present blade in the shutter tank will be removed and inspected for cracks. If cracks are found, there may be an effort to carry out in-situ inspections of several PS2 blades using a boroscope. This would require bake outs after the inspections. The task force is looking into the assignment of design resources to retrofitting the new canted undulator shutters to existing PS2 shutter tanks.

Mohan Ramanathan will look at the front end history to attempt to estimate the number of cycles on the existing PS2 shutters.

Spares of the present PS2 blades would cost around $40K.

The task force will also look into the possibility of using PS1 as an emergency backup for a PS2 that has to be removed from service because of a water leak. (The PS2 cooling lines would be drained and it would be locked in an open position.) This possibility will be discussed with the Interlocks Group.

2-BM Incident: The 2-BM shutter incident was looked into more thoroughly and it was determined that no real hazard existed of passing beam to the downstream enclosure. This was because the shutter could only be configured in either the pink or monochromatic modes which result in beam not getting past the downstream bremstrahlung beam stop. A report of the incident is close to completion.

Report on DOE Meeting in Washington: Susan Strasser, Dennis Mills, and Roger Klaffky represented APS at a meeting of light source Directors with Pat Dehmer, Iran Thomas, Pedro Montano, Bill Oosterhuis and others in Germantown on Friday, August 2nd. At this meeting, DOE:

        Reported that Inspector General performed audit of SSRL and ALS.

        Requested that each facility have knowledge of existing schedule at each line.

        Requested the facilities to reach agreement on General User Policy (two-page document).

        Requested a plan for centralized scheduling of beam time and design a better web page that will display schedule.

        Set a November due date for Vision Statement. APS will show where it will be in ten years as well as the roadmap on how we plan to get there.

        Stated that each facility has responsibility to see holes in beam time usage, be co-participant with CATs to fill holes, and if cannot fill holes, explain why. The DOE concern is to be able to show need to upgrade, new beam lines, new facilities, etc. If beam lines are not close to capacity DOE cannot make a strong case to Congress for maximum dollars. APS top management should see schedules in real time. The APS I.I. task force has talked about rapid access to beam lines.

After above highlights were discussed, it was requested that users be informed and meetings be reported upon at CAT Chats. The entire APS community should be in the loop but Murray Gibson will determine how information will be discussed and disseminated.


General Information

B. Wesolowski introduced the new floor coordinator, Jeff Ullian, to the group. Jeff will be working in LOM 432/C001 with Kevin Beyer. He can be reached at extension 0201 or by e-mail at Welcome aboard!