CAT Chat Minutes

July 29, 2002


User Operations

Operations Stats: As of 7/29/02 14:05 in Week 9 of operations, there was availability at 89.7% and MTBF of 37.7 hours. These numbers have dropped due to the 7/24/02 13.6 hour beam outage resulting from a two hour ANL 13.2 KeV feeder outage. The outage was caused when a raccoon shorted a 13.2 KeV bus to ground which blew out a lightning arrester. There was a bus tie which restored power to APS systems which are now running on one feeder.

Issues Related to Outage: A number of user cryo units did not restart when power came back on. There is emergency power on cryo units, the LN2 system, and for the PSS systems.

Sector 1 indicated that its emergency power may not have worked. Bill Wesolowski will check on this for the next CAT chat.

UPS units are only good for a maximum of two hours, which is how long power was off. UPS units can also cause trips during normal operations.

Users requested information on how much emergency power is presently available to beamlines (e.g., how many 20A/110V circuits).

A question was asked about the feasibility/cost of putting in more emergency power (diesel generators) for beamlines.

A user also stated that the TV screen should be updated and announcements made when power is restored so that users at the ANL Guesthouse will know when to return to their beamlines to restart equipment.

The APS is reviewing all of its Call-In lists for power outages.


Other Issues

Bruce Glagola reported on a shipping problem by a user who tried to bring a dry shipper on board an airline within his (her) luggage. The airline presented the user with incorrect choices: buy an airline ticket to put the sample on seat (this is not allowed), remove item altogether (i.e., toss it), or place sample on a cargo plane. It was pointed out by Steve Ginell at this CAT Chat that users should use FedEx as the preferred shipper and have a copy of the Letter of Competent Authority.

Roger Klaffky reported on visible cracks in the 6ID PS2 shutter blade, which explain the water leak. APS will try to determine the history of cycles for the PS2 shutters to determine which shutters are most likely to have the same problem. A PS2 Task Force meeting will be held on Thursday to discuss future plans for investigating this problem.