CAT Chat Minutes

July 22, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

The week of user operation in FY2003 is scheduled as multi-bunch operation. Do you have specific information at this time on what the fill pattern will be?

No. We will need to schedule beam studies to investigate the optimum fill pattern. We are considering filling every other bucket, but are not sure at this time. We plan to have at least a preliminary answer by the end of this run.



Operations Stats: Currently we are in the eight-week of operation with availability at 98.2% and MTBF of 51.2 hours. No faults have occurred this past week. In fact, since June 28, only two faults have occurred with ~ 1-hour of downtime. The present run has been exceptional.

Overall Stats: The run (2002-2-3) statistics thus far are 1096 scheduled hours, 1076 delivered hours, 21 faults, leading to a total of 19.87 hours of downtime.

The Long Range Operations Schedule is now posted on the web and includes, high current at 110 mA, a hybrid fill using singlets, and multi-bunch (>100) with non top-up.


General Information

The PV gateways will restart on July 22nd or July 23rd using the new updated version. Please inform your floor coordinator if you experience any problems with the new updates, and he/she will contact Marty Smith to correct them.