CAT Chat Minutes

July 15, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

If SPAM e-mail comes through, who decides if it is junk mail or not? Also, if I want to see what messages have been SPAMED, can you provide the users with a listing of rejected messages?

Yes, if you would like a report on rejected SPAM messages, please send Bill McDowell an e-mail at:

Is it possible to get a PV from outside the APS? I would like to help users from home if possible.

M. Smith will work with Mark Rivers, CARS CAT, to rectify the problem.

Operations Stats:  On Saturday evening we experienced a vacuum valve closure fault. The recovery time from this trip was about 1 hour. For the ninth week, only one fault occurred. Beam availability was 99.82%. For the run, beam has been available 97.98% with a MTBF of 46.05 hours.

The Long Range Operations Schedule for (2003-1-2) will be posted on the web this week. The added months will be from January through May. This will include high current at 110 mA with top-up and multi-bunch (>100) with non top-up. An SOM period for hybrid fill using singlets with take place in April.

2-BM Shutter Investigation:  Several mistakes occurred with replacement of shutter actuators on 2BM beamline shutter. There were hardware, communications, and procedural failures. At this time a stop work order is in effect for all mechanical and PSS work on shutters beamline or front end shutters until an investigation report determines the root causes for the failures and controls are put in place. All work on these systems must be authorized by Roger Klaffky and/or Tony Rauchas until further notice. A draft of the report will be issued later this week and will be further discussed at CAT Chat.


General Information

Reinhard Pahl announced to the group that TWGs meeting will be Thursday,  July 18 in bldg. 401, room A1100. A couple of CAT presentations will be discussed such as High-energy Optics Developments at SRI-CAT Sector-1 and Fabrication, Testing and Performance of a Variable Focus Xray Lens. Gene Swetin (APS_ASD) will also be discussing APS processed (de-ionized) water supply for beamline components. An agenda will be provided shortly with further details through CAT NET.

Sector 16, HP CAT, took beam for the first time on Friday, July 12. D. Hausermann thanked everyone for all there efforts in completing this task in a timely manner.

B. McDowell displayed viewgraphs to the group. The first viewgraph is how the network is set-up. The second viewgraph is the LOM Network Equipment and the third viewgraph is examples of SPAM Assassin, which is a mail filter, caught by the firewall that identifies garbage mail by headers and text.

In regards to the LOM network equipment, the routers will be upgraded depending on budget analysis.

Examples of B. McDowell's viewgraphs will be provided for your review at the next Cat Chat meeting.

Marty Smith and Andrew Johnson proceeded to inform the groups that a few bugs were found in EPICS 3.14 iocs in retrieving the PVs. Some bugs have been resolved but a few more still need investigating. We will keep you informed as to when all bugs have been fixed.

Discussion took place on a new location for CAT Chat meetings.  L. DeVito looked into reserving A1100, but it is not consistently available until January 2003. Conference room A1100 in building 401 is reserved January onward. Meetings will continue in the LOM and we can further assess the need to move.