CAT Chat Minutes

July 8, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

We are having problems with the PV gateways. Was anything changed recently to cause huge delays in retrieving the PVs?

We found some bugs in EPICS R 3.14 which are being resolved.

How far can the speed of the undulator be decreased?

Marty Smiths opinion was that the IDs could go slower than they do but we do not know what the limitation is for how slow they can move. We have in the past only tried to speed them up so we do know the maximum speeds that they will move. This will take some looking into.

Operations Stats: This past weeks performance was displayed to the group showing no faults within the last 72 hours since June 28. Availability for the run is approximately 98% and the mean time to beam failures is 41.96 hours.

Next Wednesday, July 10-16 starting at 0800 hours, a Parasitic Study Schedule has been planned. During that time many items will be covered such as: operator training, bpm studies, booster low emittance lattice studies, etc.

General Information

If your schedule permits, a meeting will take place next week to discuss the Special Operating Modes (SOM) for the first quarter of FY2003. A CAT NET message will be sent with further details.