CAT Chat Minutes

June 17, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

1. Are there any criteria for the operations group on whether orbit corrections are reestablished after beam refills? Can mistakes be made which would not restore the beam orbit?

The orbit should be automatically restored after a beam fault. However, it is possible that the orbit correction files may get corrupted or a correcting magnet may malfunction and the orbit may not recover. If the orbit does not get restored, contact your floor coordinator, who will work with you and the control room staff to correctly restore the orbit. As we continue to develop the bpm monitoring systems, we will incorporate alarm handlers to notify main control room operators and floor coordinators when an apparent orbit error is detected.

2. The beamline interface valve requirements have not been well documented? What are the current guidelines?

We are working on the guidelines and definition of responsibilities at the present time and will have a proposal to present soon.

User operations began June 29 and to-date we have had a total of 398-scheduled hours and have delivered 392 hours of beam time. Ten faults have occurred since the start of the run resulting in the ~ 6 hours of downtime.

An example of the new BPM screens was displayed and its use was discussed. The information will be web accessible shortly.

On Tuesday, June 18, machine studies will begin at 0800 hours and end at 1600 hours.


General Information

If you have Hazardous Waste issues, please contact Bruce Stockmeier at x-9394.