CAT Chat Minutes

June 10, 2002

Information and Follow-up Items

It was announced that a new spam filter is being added to the firewall. We are concerned of the impact and lost mail that may result. We would like to be better informed of upcoming changes.

The new spam filter is being installed for only the root APS addresses (, it will not affect any other addresses (such as We will try to give you as much warning as possible of upcoming changes that will affect your network connections.

A front-end mask was installed this past January for Sector 14-ID. But some realignment of components during the past shutdown also affected this mask and caused delays in getting the beam down the beamline at the start of our run. We would like to know what happened.

A meeting was held with all of the parties to understand the circumstances. It clarified the reasons for the realignment, but also indicated that not everyone was aware of the settlement issues in the beamline and all of the reasons for the realignment. In the future, a meeting with APS and affected CAT representatives will be held prior to any storage ring realignment to discuss the scope of work and potential impacts.

During the last shutdown, the control for the beamline vacuum isolation valves was switched from our control to the APS. The information regarding this change was not widely distributed within the CAT. How can I force this valve to close?

The beamline isolation valve is now critical to the isolation of the front-end and the beamline, since most of the exit valves are leaking. Therefore, the valve is controlled through the front-end equipment protection system, but the beamline equipment protection system should still have the ability to close this valve. We will review the current policy and develop a strategy for the future as the leaking exit valves are replaced.

There have been numerous problems with the air-operated cylinders used on most beamline shutters. I have heard contradictory statements on whether the problem still exists or has been solved?

Malfunctioning seals within the cylinders caused most of the problems. We have worked with the manufacturer to develop a fix and now feel that the problem is being addressed as the cylinders are outfitted with new seals. A few recent problems were not related to seal failures, but were caused by other mechanical problems with the shutter actuator.

The signs in the LOM windows displaying the CAT name are disintegrating. Can they be replaced?

Contact your floor coordinator and we can have one made up for you. We will investigate a long-term solution and provide updated signs for all CATS.


User Operations

During the past week, five blocks of downtime occurred, primarily due to rf trips. Thus far, the availability for the run is over 99.4% and the mean time between faults is 30 hours.

On Monday, June 10, studies will take place for 48 hours followed by normal singlets in top up mode.  


General Information 

Reinhard Pahl thanked Glen Decker for identifying beam motion last week, which saved a lot of downtime for Sector 15.