CAT Chat Minutes

June 4, 2002

Information and Follow-up Items

1. On Saturday, June 1, Sector 9 set-up macros to run gap scans. During that time, the beam dumped and the ID gap was never restored. The floor coordinator was contacted to find the problem. When investigated, the cause was thought to have been a script problem. What actually caused this error? Also, this is not counted as downtime when in fact, it should be.

The problem was due to human error. The floor coordinator was involved with other items when beam was restored and didnt open shutter until two hours later. In the meantime, the control system had opened the gap to 60 mm. Once this happens, the gap control needs to be reset or have it automatically reset when it reaches this number. We are also looking at objective methods for tracking individual beamline downtime, but it is not as straightforward as it is for the storage ring.

2. Hazardous waste needed pickup at Sector 9, but it took quite awhile before it was picked up. Why did this take so long?

Waste management has been contacted and will be more responsive in the future.

3. The new beam position prototype screens were promised to us sometime in the near future. Approximately, when will these screens be available?

The Diagnostics group is currently working on this project. Documentation and training sessions are needed to complete the task. We expect that in two weeks the screens will be completed.

4. Sector 16 is in need of space and is looking at the outer wall of the experiment hall, underneath the mechanical mezzanine as potential space. Can this be done?

We will look into the options for utilizing the space by the wall and develop a proposal. In the meantime, B. Wesolowski will meet with the CAT representatives to look at other potential options.

5. Once again we noticed degradation in our helium flight path that was attributed to impurities in our helium. This is the second incident of receiving bad helium bottles. The vendor has been contacted and will reimburse us. What can be done to prevent this from happening again?

The "suspected" cylinders were tagged and AGA will send fill specs on the cylinders and do an analysis of the gas in these cylinders when returned. In the meantime, we will attempt to find a "high purity" gas that "works" and then pull the "workable" high purity cylinder and have it analyzed as well. If no impurities are detected, an alternative explanation is that there could also be possible aspiration due to "poor " connections in the helium line.


User Operations

The last six days of operation have been with high emittance singlets with fill-on-fill every 12 hours. This will continue until midnight tonight. After sixteen hours of studies, the user run will continue with low emittance top-up using 23 singlets.

Six faults occurred at injection time when trying to fill-on-fill to 100mA. An investigation is underway to understand why this does not occur when filling from 0 mA.

A CATNET will be sent shortly in regards to 24/7 training for User Orientation and GERT. The floor coordinator will now be able to provide both training courses so that users can perform hands-on work on the floor. However, if at all possible, we do prefer everyone to go through the User Office so that the orientation process, including the issuance of a new badge, can be completed in one step.

Recently we experienced degradation in the performance of the PV gateways. The problem has been isolated to PVs that no longer exist. We are identifying and correcting the problems and hope to have everything back to normal by the end of the week.

General Information

The checking of eyewashes will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2.

A comment by one of the attendees was made that CAT Chat is a meeting to keep alive and that hopes it will continue in the near future.