CAT Chat Minutes

May 20, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

1. The fill pattern page was once accessible on the web. Will this web page be added soon? In the meantime, is there an old page to look at for past definitions?

We are updating this page and will have it displayed by the end of the week. In the meantime, G. Decker will provide the parameters you will need until the web page is posted.

2. On April 30, CMC Cat had hazardous but not toxic samples to be picked up at the 433-truck lock and shipped to a user. The samples were never picked up until ~ three weeks later when the user called to let us know that the samples never arrived. All the right procedures were followed. Can you find out what happened so this does not reoccur?

This apparently was an isolated incident where the communications was dropped and there was no follow thru. We have discussed the situation with the HazMat personnel. Also, the designated shipping area now includes a clearly marked table for HazMat pick up, so that material for pick-up can be clearly seen and tracked.

3. Lately and more than once, I have had items stolen from my locker in Sector 433 womens bathroom. Also, our bike disappeared not too long ago. Ive reported all incidents to our floor coordinator. Have there been any other incidents in other sectors and can you look into this problem?

There have been only a few reported incidents. Security will be making more frequent rounds of the areas. Unfortunately, in such a large facility, it is difficult to maintain a high level of security presence, so everyone must maintain vigilance and report any missing property immediately to their floor coordinator.

Start-up is underway and proceeding on schedule. The sector 37 rf cavities were accidently vented during the shutdown, but the conditioning is going well and should not impact the schedule.

User Operation will begin on May 29 at 0800 hours, nine days from today.


General Information

B. Wesolowski introduced the new floor coordinator, Troy Lutes, to the group. Troy will be working in LOM 432/C001 with Kevin Beyer. Troy can be reached at x-0201, or e-mail: .