CAT Chat Minutes

May 13, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

1.  Does the switchgear testing process usually take place in the summer time? Switchgear testing is always conducted only during machine maintenance periods on a rotating testing schedule and is not driven by the time of year.

A meeting was held on May 7 to discuss the Special Operating Modes for the first three months of FY 2003. There will be 10 days of hybrid fill in low emittance using singlets beginning on November 29 at 0800 hours through December 9. The APS Operations Schedule for FY2003, covering the months of October December, 2002, will be posted on the web tomorrow. The schedule includes a minimum of 16 hours of studies whenever a storage ring lattice change is made to provide adequate time for the transition. In addition, the studies schedules have been shifted to ensure that user operation after a lattice transition begins at 0800. A TV channel showing the beam image from Sector 35-ID has been added on channel 46. There are no PVs of this information at this time. A Cat Net will be sent with further details.

A new service will be provided to all CATs starting May 1. If your CAT is interested, APS will perform required weekly testing and flushing of eyewashes. CATs will still remain responsible for checking the eyewash inspection tags periodically. If you are interested and/or have questions, please contact your LOM's floor coordinator or Bruce Stockmeier (2-9394).


General Information

The APS Strategic Planning Meeting will be held starting this coming Wednesday, May 15, through this Friday.