CAT Chat Minutes

May 7, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

1.      A couple of weeks ago I asked about reducing the lowest limit of speed with the operating gap control of the undulator. I was given a temporary answer with using a point scan with the ID deadband of approximately 5 microns. Is there a final answer yet?

The information will be finalized at the end of the current maintenance period.

2.      This past weekend, Sector 14 experienced a temperature change in our chilled water system. This caused facility problems. What happened?

Chilled water temp went up to 75 deg for about 11 hours on Saturday during the switchgear work in the utility building. Although, the impact was anticipated locally, the full impact was not clear and was not disseminated to the floor coordinators and users. We will continue to become more cognizant of the system interactions and make sure that potential impacts are made known more widely.

Shutdown is underway. All planned tasks will be completed by the end of maintenance. On May 24 machine studies will begin at 0800 hours followed by user operations on May 29 at 0800 hours.

We expect that the bunch fill for this upcoming run will be 24 bunches instead of 23 (24-1). This will eliminate the gap in the bunch structure and will allow us to better control the orbit motion which results when the bunch being used by the BPM system is refilled during top-up.

A meeting has been scheduled tomorrow, Tuesday, May 7 to discuss Special Operating Modes for the months of October December, FY 2003. This meeting will define the hybrid modes. Results will be discussed at our next CAT Chat meeting.


General Information

The APS Retreat will be held next Wednesday, May 15-17, 2002.

Recently, DOE cyber security scans broke into the Sector 5 network, using 802.11 wireless Ethernet protocol. We are expecting that new cyber security procedures will need to be developed to prevent uncontrolled access in the future.