CAT Chat Minutes

April 29, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

1. We were unable to receive e-mails from outside ANL sent by another government agency, the National Science Foundation (NSF), because they were blocked and quarantined by the firewall. There was no notification that they were ever sent or quarantined. The firewalls can be very frustrating especially when trying to receive information from other laboratories. Can this be corrected?

Computer Support has looked into this specific situation and found it to be an error in NSFs return e-mail address, which caused the firewall to quarantine the e-mail. The NSF messenger should have received an e-mail stating this error, and that the e-mail had not been delivered. We will look into the firewall to see if information regarding e-mails that have been quarantined can be provided and forwarded to intended recipients.

2. With the various different Special Operating Modes taking place, there was lack of correlation between the position readout screens and the actual beam position in the beamlines. Can this be improved?

The screens that have been used through the past years dont reflect the full extent of the modifications to the beam position system and the feedback systems that have been completed recently. An information screen is being developed to include the latest changes and make the position data clearer to understand. We hope to have this work completed before the start of the next run.

The beam availability for the past week was 98.2%. The MTBF was 41.9. Three faults occurred leading to ~ two hours of downtime. For the overall run, the availability is 97% with 32.9 hours MTBF. The availability for this run sets a new record since the start of APS operation for the users. Records were also set for highest average current and highest integrated current.

The next user run will start on Wednesday, May 29, 2002.


General Information

The replacement of the low temperature hot water system gaskets continues to be delayed because of negotiations with the vendor. Once the work begins, non-occupied areas of the experiment hall will be addressed first to develop realistic work plans and schedules.