CAT Chat Minutes

April 22, 2002


The past week had been nearly perfect, with the first fault occurring just prior to this CAT Chat. The availability for the run continues to be over 97%, with the mean time between faults at over 32 hours.

An 8-hour shift is set aside for studies tomorrow, Tuesday, April 23 at 0800 hours. At the conclusion of the studies at 1600 hours, the storage ring operation will continue with non top-up, high emittance lattice with the hybrid fill pattern containing a triplet. This mode will continue until Sunday, midnight, leading into machine studies followed by machine maintenance.

The next user run is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, May 29 at 0800 hours.


General Information

Replacement of the low temperature hot water system gaskets was scheduled to begin this shutdown. Unfortunately, there are delays with getting the work started. Once the vendor has resolved all of the issues, B. Wesolowski will send out the schedule via CAT NET with details.

The DOE HQ ISM and Emergency Management assessment team are back for their second visit starting Monday, April 29. This visit will last two weeks. At the present time, the APS is not on their schedule, but we will keep you informed of any changes.

Thursday, April 25, 2002, is Take Your Child to Work Day. A tour of APS is being organized by the ALD-APS office, together with a presentation that will be provided through the ANL DEP division. The recommended age for participants is between 9 and 15. If you need additional information, please contact Barb Dalton, ALD-PA, at x-3168.