CAT Chat Minutes

March 11, 2002


User Operations

Currently, we are in the seventh week of operations for Operating Cycle 2002-1. Two faults occurred this past week, 1) rf and 2) gate valve closure both leading to very little downtime. So far, during this run 923 hours of beam time were delivered. Overall availability this past seven weeks is 97%. Scheduled maintenance will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, March 12 for 8 hours. After this 8-hour maintenance, we will return to low emittance, top-up user operation.


General Information

The annual inspection for crane testing is due. The outside contractor will be here on March 18 and/or 19.

Notification has been sent by the Laboratory that the requirement for touching badges and identification media has been discontinued. Starting Monday, March 11, security at the gates will not physically touch all badges. Visual verification of badges will still be required of all vehicle occupants. Random vehicle inspections will continue as before.