CAT Chat Minutes

March 4, 2002

User Operations

Glen Decker reported the status of the storage ring. The APS is currently in the middle of studies/machine intervention and will follow with non top-up user operations. Availability is approximately 98% and the mean time to beam failure is 33.4 hours. Recent problems include problems with beam motion, bpld (beam position limit detector) system and the PAR (particle accumulator ring) extraction kicker. Non top-up operation will start on Wednesday, March 6, and continue until midnight of March 12. During that time, high emittance lattice will be used with 20-hour lifetime filling twice per day.

Overall availability for the run thus far is 97% and MTBF is 25.58 hours. A total of thirty-faults have caused 26.6 hours of downtime.

All work requests for cryo pump maintenance during this coming maintenance period have to be submitted by COB Friday, March 8.

General Information

The DOE HQ ISM and Emergency Management scoping team visit went very well. In general, the team was pleased with what they heard and saw at the APS. In mid-April, we will receive a more detailed plan of the areas that they will focus on during their two-week return visit in late April.

A chemical incident occurred and was reported in a prompt manner. Please make sure all chemicals are checked on a weekly basis to ensure all bottles and other areas meet ANLs safety regulations. Safety inspections will occur this month for LOMs 432-438.