CAT Chat Minutes

February 25, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

Early today, Monday, February 25, I was unable to send e-mails along with receiving outside e-mails. Was there a network problem?

Computer support was contacted regarding the above question. All data logs were reviewed for that day and nothing was found in error. We need your help in sending a note to computer support with all pertinent information such as: time of occurrence, exact error, your badge number, etc. If you have any further questions, regarding software/hardware troubles, contact Bill McDowell at x-6975.


User Operations

The availability overall for the run stands at 96.4%, mean time between faults overall is 25.11 hours. During the past week, the availability has been at slightly over 98%, with a MTBF ~ 30.84 hours. At the end of last week, there were 4 faults leading to less than an hour of downtime.

Beginning tonight at midnight, Tuesday, February 26, 16 hours of studies will take place.

General Information

A DOE headquarters team from the Office of Oversight will be visiting ANL on a 3-day scoping visit beginning this Tuesday. The team consists of 14 people and they will be reviewing implementation of ISM and emergency management. The group will interact with APS personnel; have group discussions, and perform tours of various ANL facilities, including the APS. The purpose of the scoping visit is to investigate areas that will be reviewed in depth during a second visit beginning on April 29. At that time, a team of 20 will return for a two-week period.

All APS users should be aware that recently, Sector 20, PNC, discovered two contaminated helium gas tanks. PNC has contacted the vendor to let them know of the contamination. Notify your floor coordinator if you suspect that you have received contaminated helium gas.