CAT Chat Minutes

February 11, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

Lately, Sector 18 has been very sensitive to top-up injection. How can we find more information as to when the top-up will take place?

We have EPICS process variables that provide a count down timer for the next injection. In addition there are other process variables relevant to top up.


User Operations

CY Yao, Storage Ring Chief of Operations, presented the seven-day storage ring current and beamline operations history. CY indicated availability is ~ 95% for the week. The mean time between failures was 40 hours. Three faults occurred: 1) an IK2 fault, 2) rad monitor power supply fault in 15-ID and, 3) BPLD error in 19-ID. Injector Availability during top-up is ~ 95%.

Beginning midnight today, February 11, studies/machine invention will take place for 16 hours.