CAT Chat Minutes

February 5, 2002

Information and Follow-up Items

1. We cannot access Indianas area code (260). Can you find out why?

Indiana has added new area codes within their state. Verizon, the long distance carrier for ANL, had not added the new area codes into their telephone system. This will be corrected shortly.

2. I havent been receiving e-mails for Cat Net messages. Our e-mail address for sector 5 that you currently have is correct. Can you find out why?

Our computer group found the error to be that an incorrect firewall configuration was blocking the address. The error has been corrected.


User Operations

The storage ring availability for the week of 01/29/02 to 2/04/02 is approximately 96% and the mean time to beam failure is 18 hours. RF faults were the cause for the longest period of downtime resulting in seven hours during this past week.

The high current operation will take place on April 1 using 8-hours of studies time. We will increase the current in steps to 130 mA. The fill pattern for these studies will be determined at a later date. On June 24 we have scheduled another 8-hours of studies time for high current operation.

We encourage all CATs to start to use the serial link and/or machine status link for backup purposes to control/monitor the IDs. The access security of all the insertion devices has been modified. In the new scheme, control of the ID is possible by the floor coordinator only when in floor coordinator mode and similarly for machine physicists, control is possible only when the ID is in Machine Physics mode. These changes will help in making sure that the IDs return to the user gaps after the machine studies period.

Glen Decker presented to the group illustrations of the orbit correction process. At the current time the logged and displayed date is the calculated position and angle of the beam at the source point based on the two RF BPM on either side of the source point. The status of these RF BPM is not logged, however they are available when using the live data from the PV gateway. In the short term we will be modifying the data logs to start including status of the bpm signals. We are working on providing a clear signal, which will be a true indication of the beam position for the beamlines.


General Information

If you havent been receiving Cat Net messages and would like to be added to the list, please send L. DeVito an e-mail at: