CAT Chat Minutes

January 21, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

1. Did any PV names change for this run?

There were no changes in the process variables for this run.

2. Requests for steering changes are made through the floor coordinator, who then deals with the operators in the control room to make the change happen. We need to be aware when the steering change is performed since we have to monitor the change to assess its impact. Can we be included in the loop of orbit correction?

The floor coordinators will work with you to develop more integration with you on the orbit changes. For the longer term, we will look at simplifying the process, but in the interim, we still need to have the floor coordinators channel the requests to the control room.

3. Can we make the bpm steering and position information more informative and reliable?

The whole subject of orbit control and steering at individual beamlines is complex and has many variables. Looking at fixed sets of information may, at times, present incorrect information. Glenn Decker will present some preliminary issues and inherent problems in providing correct data at next weeks CAT Chat.

4.Has a date been decided for the high current operation?

No dates as of yet. At this time, Ive received two responses. A few more responses are needed to help make a decision. At the present time, we do know it will be either March or Aprils timeframe. Another period will be designated soon for the June-July period.


User Operations

The user run will begin on Wednesday, January 23 at 8:00 am. At this time, a few glitches have occurred during machine studies but no impact is anticipated on startup.

A few weeks ago a problem occurred with lost access to the undulator controls. This area is still under investigation; meanwhile, a work-around has been implemented.