CAT Chat Minutes

January 14, 2002


Information and Follow-up Items

1. When we ship material to and from the APS, there is no available staging area and we are forced to stage equipment in the experiment hall aisle. Can any space be made available to provide an area to stage shipments?

As more beamlines are being built, space on the experiment floor is becoming scarser. We will look into the options to provide staging space.

2. The operating schedule includes a non-top-up week in the middle of the run. Is it possible to increase the amount of top-up operation by eliminating the non-top-up operation?

This years schedule has 75% of the user time scheduled for low-emittance top-up operation. The remaining time, where the injector system will be used infrequently, will be used primarily to allow injector studies and improvements and operator training to be scheduled. Scheduling this time only at the start and end of the run places a significant limitation on our ability to make injector improvements during a run This ratio of user operation is also being planned for the FY2003 schedule.

3. Will consideration be given to not scheduling user operation during holidays during FY2003? Primarily, will the December user run end significantly before the laboratory is shut down for the holiday?

Yes, the current plan is for the run to end approximately a week before the laboratory shutdown. This should provide all of the CATs ample time to secure their beamlines before the break. The user run will also be scheduled around the other holidays of the year.


User Operations

The storage ring is scheduled to start up on Friday, January 18, 2002. All maintenance activities have gone well and we do not anticipate any delays in the start up. The start of the user run is scheduled for Wednesday, January 23. The first week of the user run will begin with non top-up operation.


General Information

Last week, the High Current Operation workshop was held. One of the action items form the workshop was to schedule some machine studies shifts with higher stored currents (up to ~130 mA) for users to study the effects in their beamlines. We need your input of what scheduling options would best suit your needs, e.g. should the time be scheduled at the start of studies or half way through. We would propose that an 8 or 12-hour period during one (or two) of the 48-hour studies periods during March and April could be utilized. Please respond to Tony via e-mail ( with your needs.