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CAT Chat Minutes

December 10, 2001


Information and Follow-up Items

Last Wednesday, at Sector 20-ID, we detected regular beam motion in both planes.   Are you aware of any cause?

On the data log, we saw two horizontal beam motions with amplitude of 100um at 1028 and 1037. We believe that the first one was associated with 3I-D gap movement. The second seemed to point a source at 11-ID location. We also had many orbit glitches caused by construction activities on the LOM436 parking lot. Further investigation is still underway.

Recently, we were able to access BPM data on the web page at:   Unfortunately, it's no longer available. Will this link be available soon?

A script change was made on November 15, which eliminated the BPM data. The older version of the script and the data are now available both in graphic and in comma delimited list format. Please remember that the ID x-ray BPM data has a strong dependency on the ID gap value.


User Operations

Availability for the past week is ~ 96.8% and the mean time to beam failure is 23 hours. Three faults occurred related to: rf cooling system, orbit steering error, and a rf cavity vacuum trip.

An 8-hour machine studies period will occur on Tuesday, December 11 beginning at 0800 hours.

Beginning December 11, user operations will start with non top-up using one fill per day with a hybrid fill using triplets. The run will continue using non top-up until the end on December 23 at midnight.


General Information

Safety Training Any users who need training for ESH-387Z (DOT Hazmat for APS small quantities) will be able to take it on December 18 from 9:00 12 pm. This course will be held in 401/A1100. Please contact Amanda Propp at x-1219 for enrollment.

The annual APS Spectrum Club Holiday luncheon will be held Friday, December 14 (contact Jane Pransky at x-9123 for tickets). The annual APS Feast will be held Monday, December 19 (contact Linda Carlson for further details at x- 5089).


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