CAT Chat Minutes

November 12, 2001


Information and Follow-up Items

Is it necessary to verify ACIS and PSS interlocks for accelerator and beamlines every six months?

We are currently preparing a justification for getting DOE approval to increase the interlock validation period to one year.

Last week another non-resident user was not current in his/her training, and still able to access the facility. How do we correct this problem from happening yet again?

We are still trying to correct the accuracy of the records in the training database, and need to resolve this before deactivating badges due to lapsed training.  The accuracy issues will be resolved soon. 


User Operations

The storage ring availability last week was 91.3%. Thirteen beam losses occurred with most being associated with rf related problems.  It appears that rf2 has increased noise levels, which can cause beam trips.  The problem will be further investigated during the studies period.  The beam motion has improved with vertical motion down from 2 ½ to 1.1 microns with the replacement of a vertical corrector power supply. 

At this time we are currently in a 48-hour machine studies period. Operations will begin at 0800 on November 14, with the low emittance lattice in top up mode.