CAT Chat Minutes

October 29, 2001


User Operations

Last weeks machine studies have stored beam at 100mA. The rf system is conditioning well and other systems are working reliably. Lifetime is not as good as it should be and the coupling may have to be adjusted to compensate. It could still be vacuum effects from having two rf sections up to atmosphere. User beam start-up will be Wednesday, October 31, at 0800 hours. The 1st week of the run will make use of the 7 nm lattice with two fills a day.

A Cat Net was sent today regarding insertion device work. We encourage everyone to monitor the pv Idxx:encoderSelect.VAL which should reflect the encoder choice as either rotary or linear. If the linear encoder fails the system will automatically switch to the rotary encoder. If any problems arise with the new software, please contact your floor coordinator.

The long range schedule has been updated by adding April and May. All top-up operation will be in low emittance mode. The hybrid fill will have one of two patterns, either a singlet or a triplet as the isolated bunch.


General Information

Tim Smith is available to provide computer support, but all computer related problems should still be documented through the computer help desk.

DOE has asked for additional statistics for annual reporting by requesting a percentage of use of each beamline categorized by institution, funding source and discipline. The ESAF forms have been updated to keep track of the planned shifts for each experiment, which are already categorized by the requested breakdown.