CAT Chat Minutes

October 22, 2001


Information and Follow-up Items

In the future, will more top-up time be made available to the users?

During this fiscal year, 75% of the user time will be in top-up mode. We will continue to evaluate the top-up operation to see how it can be increased in the future.

Approximately two weeks ago, I was unable to send e-mails or forward any messages which caused a delay of work. Can we be more quickly notified when firewall problems occur?

The increased cybersecurity requirements has placed a significant burden on the computer support personnel. The installations of the new software frequently create unanticipated problems which must be corrected for the system to function properly. Sometimes these problems are unique to a server and do not affect other parts of the network. We attempt to notify and respond as quickly as possible to these situations. We also need the help of the CAT personnel to attempt to isolate the problems and help identify the root cause. We are also investigating ways of improving and streamlining computer support.


User Operations

The conditioning for rf will start today, Monday, October 22. The start of the user run is scheduled for Wednesday, October 31. The first week of the user run will begin with non top-up operation. On November 6, we will switch to top-up mode and with low emittance. The current plan is to operate with low emittance during all top-up periods. A CAT NET will be sent with further details.

All upgrades for the insertion devices are looking good. Shielding verification is planned for Sector 16-ID and 31-ID by late November and/or early December.


General Information

The DOE/BES review went well. A topic discussed by several reviewers was on developing ways of providing support to under funded CATs. Additional discussions will take place on this subject in the future.

The laboratory has been asked by DOE to review its www sites and ensure that they do not contain sensitive information that could assist terrorist activities. Please check your CAT sites as well.