CAT Chat Minutes

October 15, 2001


User Operations

User Operations will begin on October 31, 2001. The machine startup is scheduled for next week. Two of the rf cavity straight sections have been worked on and the cavities will need to be conditioned, but no impact on the user schedule is expected.

The work request system modifications are in process. When the modifications are complete, all work in the experimental floor will be included and all affected sectors will be notified by e-mail. ID encoder modifications are just about complete.


General Information

The central steam plant went out of action late Saturday night. This has affected the heating for many of the ANL buildings. At the APS, this includes the experiment hall and LOMs. A few low temperature hot water (LTHW) leaks in the EAA and in the experiment hall were found and any equipment in the area protected. The steam system is expected to be operational late tonight, so we expect heat back on Tuesday morning. We will be monitoring the LTHW system to ensure no new leaks develop as the system is pressurized.

A TMS notification report showing resident user training histories is now available. In reviewing the list, we have noticed several users that are delinquent on safety training. Please strive to keep all training up-to-date.

A DOE/BES review of the APS will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, October 16. Several meetings and interactions with the user groups are scheduled. Several telephone units for teleconferencing have been purchased for use in the LOM conference rooms. See your floor coordinator if one is needed.