CAT Chat Minutes

October 1, 2001


Information/Follow-up Items

1.  Recently, the monitor screens displayed a beam fault attributed to an EPS fault at a certain beamline. This sounds like the CAT caused the problem, when in truth the front-end equipment protection system caused the error.

We will clarify the messages to better describe the source for the fault.

2. Recently, as we were working in the FOE, we realized that the cooling water lines going to the front-end equipment located there had no means for local shutdown of the water in case of a leak. Is there some way to improve this situation?

The existing piping uses flexible stainless jacketed line and is not prone to leaks, however the unions do present a potential problem. The easiest solution to your concern is to add local valves, but each additional valve adds to further sources of new, potential problems. We will investigate alternatives to mitigate this situation.


User Operations

Statistics: The availability for this run was 95.5%. Overall, the availability for last year was 95.8%. The mean time between faults for the year was 25.5 hours. The present shutdown will last a total of 4 weeks. The user run will begin on October 31, 2001 at 0800 hours.

The machine studies for storage ring operation at high current went well. A maximum current of 200.4 mA was achieved. The filling pattern used was optimized for the accelerator performance and a few areas that need further study were identified. Operation under user filling pattern conditions will also need additional study before equivalent lifetime and beam stability criteria will be achieved.

We are continuing to upgrade the insertion device rotary and linear encoder interface, so linear encoder failures become transparent in most applications. Completion for these upgrades should be finished during December or January.