CAT Chat Minutes

September 17, 2001


Information/Follow-up Items

Regarding the low emittance mode, is there any feedback on having this as a standard mode?

The long-range plan is to have the low emittance operation become the standard operating mode. Keep in mind, the low emittance can only be effectively run in a top-up mode and that is a reason for increasing the amount of top-up operation next year. Based on the results of this run, we will plan on concurrently increasing the amount of low emittance operation next year.

The e-mail that was sent out regarding Argonne Parking Restricted Near Buildings was a bit confusing. What do they exactly mean by not parking next to buildings? All of our parking for the LOMs is near the structure.

It was not clear whether the reference to parking was meant for parking spaces directly adjacent a building wall. Until further clarification, assume that the LOM parking, as well as all of the remaining APS parking lots are not affected by this restriction.


User Operations

CY Yao, Storage Ring Chief of Operations, presented the seven-day storage ring current and beamline operations history. CY indicated availability is ~ 99% for the week. The mean time between failures has been 19 hours. Two faults occurred: 1) an rf trip and, 2) a file server and/or network communications trip. Overall availability for this run is ~ 94.6%.

Next weeks fill pattern will be the hybrid fill w/top-up. The isolated bunch will consist of triplets. The remaining beam will be distributed in 8 groups of 7 bunches.

An 8-hour machine intervention/studies period will start on Tuesday, September 18 beginning at 0800 hours.

The lunch seminars will resume on Friday, September 21, however, Cat Chat will continue to take place weekly on Mondays at 3:00 pm in LOM 438.


General Information

Due to the extra security entering ANL, if you have any special sample containers being brought to ANL for and/or by APS users, please inform your floor coordinator so that he/she may inform the security guards and the floor coordinators are aware of the shipment if called by security.