CAT Chat Minutes

September 10, 2001


Information/Follow-up Items

Lately, a time delay for accessing the APS servers from offsite has been observed. However, its still easy to get into the ANL page but hard to open the APS page. Will this be corrected soon?

Various problems have been occurring with the server. At least 11 hours of server downtime occurred last week.  We continue in our attempts to isolate and repair the problems.


User Operations

We are approaching the end of the sixth week of the current run, with two more weeks to go. Overall, the availability for the run is over 93.9%. The availability for the past week is 94.6%, primarily due to three faults leading to a loss of over six hours of user time. The mean time between faults during the past week is ~ 45 hours.

Starting Wednesday, September 12, the low emittance w/top-up will take place until Tuesday, September 18. After the eight-hour studies period, the user run will continue with a hybrid fill. The isolated bunch will consist of triplets. The user run is scheduled to end at midnight on September 29.