CAT Chat Minutes

August 27, 2001


Information/Follow-up Items

Lately, Ive noticed a lot of green tags appearing on the floor for removal of equipment located in the experiment hall aisle. Unfortunately, our equipment is in the aisle but off to the side and there is no other place for storage. Is my equipment going to be removed?

The amount of stuff being stored off to the side of the primary aisle has continued to grow and has begun to overflow into the aisle itself. As part of the ongoing ISM assessment process, this is an attempt to reclaim this space. The space inside the columns by the exterior wall should only be used for parking tricycles, but not equipment. The pathways should be kept clear at all times. We are aware that the lack of adequate storage space continues to be an issue and will continue to try to locate more.


User Operations

The machine has been operating at about 94% availability during the past week. Numerous faults occurred since our last meeting with the majority of the problems associated with power supply trips and rf problems. The mean time between faults is short with ~ three faults per day.

Beginning September 3, a 24-hour studies period will begin at 0800 hours. On September 12, the SOM period will begin with low emittance with top-up using doublets. Our goal is still to achieve singlet operation, but the results of more machine studies will determine the final fill structure. On September 18, hybrid fill operation with top-up is scheduled and the current user run ending on September 29.

Recently, several IDs have had damage to linear encoders and these are replaced as time permits. The rotary encoder is available for backup and provisions are being made to make the transition as seamless as possible. A CAT NET will be sent for further information.

Another shipping incident occurred when a user brought in a quantity of uranyl acetate solution to the APS. The levels exceeded not only ANL limits for uncontrolled shipment but also the DOT limits and the CAT was not aware that this solution was being brought until it arrived here. The CAT is commended that taking quick action and notifying APS staff and the situation was brought quickly under control. This incident again raises the issue that everyone (APS and CATs) must get the word out to incoming users that there are requirements that need to be met when samples or preparation chemicals are shipped. We will try to identify areas within our documentation, which could be further clarified to make this point.


General Information

Due to the Labor Day holiday, the next Cat Chat will take place in two weeks, on Monday, September 10.

The Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation Conference was held on August 22-24, 2001 in Madison, Wisconsin. Ideas were discussed on user requirements for beam stability and techniques. We will continue to have further discussions to assess user needs in this area.

A tornado-warning announcement was made by the fire department with a statement that seeking shelter was not required. This was an error and is being corrected. A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been sighted and is approaching and the proper response is to seek shelter. A tornado watch is an alert that conditions are right for tornado formation and that sensitive or critical operations should be secured in case a tornado forms and approaches.

An additional Laser Safety Class will be held Tuesday, September 11 from 9:30 -11:30 in Building 202 ESH Training offices in E wing.