CAT Chat Minutes

July 31, 2001


Information/Follow-up Items

What is the status of the CAT firewall?

Presently, installation is taking place for LOMs 432 and 438. The schedule is to continue the work during the 2-day machine studies periods for the remainder of the run.


User Operations

During this startup, no rf conditioning was required, so the time was available to perform a significant amount of studies. Low emittance studies have had considerable success with lifetimes approaching ~ 12 hours. The top-up injection optimization with the low emittance has yet to be completed. More information should be available in 24 hours.

Due to the excessive heat wave, we are closely monitoring our cooling system, but dont anticipate any problems.

ID Control System The system has been extensively revised. The changes are part of an upgrade program that will ease maintenance debugging and future upgrades. The software will switch between rotary and linear encoders. The linear encoders are the preferred mode for operation. PV names will be sent shortly through CAT NET.


General Information

Tony Rauchas discussed with the group the options of rescheduling the meeting time for CAT Chat to make it more convenient for CAT personnel to attend. It was decided that early in the week is better than late, and that Tuesdays are not suitable, because many CATs use that time to reconfigure their beamlines for the next week of experiments. The decision was to reschedule CAT Chat for every Monday, at 3:00 pm. Conference room availability will dictate the location in the near term, but a convenient location will be blocked out for future meetings. The meetings will resume on Monday, August 13 and a Cat Net will be sent with location details.

Cyber Security CAT network cyber security vulnerabilities have been detected by ANL scans and will need to be addressed. Bill McDowell will be contacting CAT representatives soon with further details.