CAT Chat Minutes

June 29, 2001


Information and Follow-up Items

What is the fill pattern for next weeks SOM?

Top-up with singlets will continue until 0800 hours on 4th of July followed by a 24-hour studies period. Beginning at 0800 hours on 5th of July Top-up will continue with the asymmetric (hybrid) fill pattern till midnight of July 8th. The asymmetric fill pattern will consist of a single bunch with a maximum of 5 ma current and the rest of 102 ma current in 8 groups of 7 bunches. The spacing between the groups will be 51 nsec and the spacing between the single bunch and the other groups is 1.59 msec.


User Operations

Glen Decker displayed a graph of the operations beam current in top-up mode. For the top-up operation the current was within range for ~ 92.9% and the injector availability was ~ 95.3%.

This past weeks availability is 95.2%. Mean time between failures is ~ 34 hours. This week there were two trips, one due to ACIS at sector 14 and other due to 20BM PSS. Overall, the availability for the run thus far is ~ 97%. The current user run will end on Sunday, July 8, at midnight. Scheduled maintenance will take place until July 27. User Operations will begin again on August 1 at 0800 hours.

Some of the sectors operating will xbpm feedback for the bending magnet beamlines in the vertical plane showed significant improvements in beam stability.

The xbpms on sectors 15-22 will be out of service till the July maintenance period, as preparation for the upgrade takes place.


General Information

John Quintana expressed his appreciation to the Interlock Systems & Instrumentation group (ISI) for coming in off hours to correct difficulties with 5-BM operation.