CAT Chat Minutes

June 22, 2001


Information and Follow-up Items

On Friday, June 22, around 2:00 am, Sector 14 had a problem with no data in their datafiles. Was there any network trouble around that


Our logs did not indicate of any network problems. The sector 14 router also had no log of any problems arround the above mentioned time.


User Operations

The storage ring availability for the last couple of weeks has been excellent. The availability for this run is 95.64%. The mean time between failures has been 36.4 hours. The total availability for this year is ~ 96.6%. A power supply fault was the cause for the longest period of downtime of 1.27 hours during the past week.

Currently, were in the Special Operating Mode of top-up running 23 singlets (single bunch) and will continue until July 5 (after a 24-hour studies period). Thereafter, we will begin the Special Operating Mode (SOM) with the asymmetric fill pattern. This run will end at midnight on July 8.