CAT Chat Minutes

June 15, 2001


Information and Follow-up Items

What will be the fill pattern during TopUp Operation

The new fill pattern of 23 singlets equally spaced with the 24th empty is the normal operational pattern. During the TopUp operation we will be following the same fill pattern.

What is the spacing between the bunches?

The current fill pattern consists of 24 buckets with a spacing of 154 ns between them. The last 24th bucket is not filled resulting in a gap of 308 ns between the 23rd bucket and the first. The maximum current of 100 mA is equally distributed between the 23 buckets with each bucket holding approximately 4.34 mA at fill time.


User Operations

The overall storage ring availability thus far has been 95.2%. This past week, the availability was about 99%. The mean time between failures has been 36 hours. During the past week, one trip occurred but the problem was rectified quickly, leading to ~ 45 minutes downtime.

A 48-hour machine studies will take place on Monday, June 18, starting at 0800 hours. Beginning Wednesday, June 20, Top Up operation will commence at 0800 hours.

At this time we are operating with bending magnet xbpms in orbit control for Sectors 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 13, and 14.