CAT Chat Minutes

June 8, 2001


User Operations

This past weeks performance was displayed showing no faults since Wednesday, June 6. Availability for the run is approximately 95% and the mean time to beam failure is over 30 hours. Currently, we are running a 23-singlet fill pattern; the group of six has been eliminated. During the next studies period, we will be adding more bending magnet beamline x-ray bpms into the feedback algorithms.

An 8-hour studies will take place on Tuesday, June 12 starting at 0800 hours.

The operations schedule for the first quarter of FY2002 (October through November) is now available on the web.


General Information

Gopal Shenoy will be resigning as APS Senior Scientific Director effective October 1, 2001 to spend more time in research. We wish him the best in his new endeavors and will miss his guidance and counsel.

Transporting Hazardous Materials - An incident was described of a delivery being sent directly to Federal Express when it should have been shipped through Building 5. This incident is being investigated. Lack of compliance with shipping regulations can jeopardize the flexibility that the users currently have in shipping samples to and from ANL. Please review the requirements and ensure that all of your users comply. The ANL Transportation Safety Manual can be found at Please contact S. Davey for additional information on APS technical updates nos. 23 and 25.