CAT Chat Minutes

June 1, 2001


Information and Follow-up Items

1.Will the super bunch be eliminated for the start of the next user run?

On Tuesday, June 5, we have set aside studies time to work on beam stability, vertical position monitors and reviewing cluster of six superbunches. More information will be given at next weeks Cat Chat meeting.

2. When will the FY2002 Long Range Operations Schedule be finalized and when will it be posted on the web?

At this time, we are in the midst of finalizing the SOM periods. The months of October through December will be posted shortly.


User Operations

Availability for the run is ~ 93% and the mean time between faults is 26 hours. The performance for the past week is significantly better than the overall run average indicates.

A 48-hour studies/machine intervention will begin on Monday, June 4 at 0800 hours. Low emittance studies will be conducted with Sector 2. Shutters will be enabled for all beamlines from 1600-2000 hours. However, orbit corrections will not be done during this time. Once operating settings for a low emittance mode are established, a future official studies period will be scheduled.


General Information

Cyber Security Due to the continuing attacks on the ANL computer system, the laboratory will, by default, block port 25 (Mail) and port 80 (WWW) at the entrance to the Laboratory on June 6, 2001, and by exception, allow only identified official mail and web server access. At this time, this action will not affect the CAT computer networks, but the CAT ports will be blocked in the near future. In the meantime, please provide Bill McDowell at with the ip addresses of your official mail and web servers. Please contact Bill if you have any questions.

Channel 45 of the ANL TV system has now been set-up to provide a seminar listing. If any CATs are presenting a seminar and would like the information displayed on the TV channel, please notify the User office. A cat net will also be sent with further details.