CAT Chat Minutes

May 25, 2001


Information and Follow-up Items

When can we expect to be running in triplet mode?

Last week, due to problems with the rf system, the decision was made to fill the ring with triplets to achieve as high a current as possible with a good lifetime to maintain 2 fills per day. The situation with the rf was corrected and hence on May 23, after the machine studies, we were able to switch back to singlet mode of operation. The singlet fill will continue to be the standard filling pattern for the near future. The only exceptions will be the special operating modes for hybrid fill and possibly, low emittance operation.


User Operations

The seven-day storage ring and beamline history was presented. The results show last weeks availability of 98%. Total availability since the beginning of the run has increased to 92%.

Starting next week, studies/machine intervention will begin Monday, May 28 at 0800 hours and end on Tuesday, May 29 at 0800 hours. Activities planned for that period include studies of low emittance operation and ID operation and its interaction on the stored beam.