CAT Chat Minutes

May18, 2001


Information and Follow-up Items

During this past shutdown, work was done on our experiment station doors. We are now experiencing difficulty with the doors not closing smoothly. What happened and can the door operation be corrected?

We have been making modifications in all of the door control pneumatic circuits to prevent sudden door movement when power is restored after a power loss. In this particular case, after the modification was completed, the air pressure was not re-adjusted to the correct level for smooth operation. Please report any such situations to your floor coordinator, and it will be corrected.


User Operations

The storage ring availability last week was 78%, and overall for the run is presently at 87%. There were numerous minor faults, but one significant 13-hour downtime was caused by a water leak in the booster extraction septum power supply. The water leaked into the booster tunnel and damaged the extraction kicker magnet, which required extensive repair. We continue to experience problems with two of the rf cavities in sector 37, and this has forced us to continue to condition the cavities slowly with reduced peak current. To maintain acceptable lifetime, we switched to a triplet fill last Tuesday. We expect that during the next studies period, we should be able to achieve normal operation with 100 mA and singlet fills.

A studies/machine intervention will begin on Monday, May 21, at 0800 hours and will continue through Wednesday, May 23, ending at 0800 hours.


General Information

Jeff Alicz thanked everyone for all their efforts in making the JHQ forms complete. All forms have been entered into the management system in a timely manner.