CAT Chat Minutes

May 11, 2001


Information and Follow-up Items

1. Why are injections occurring with shutters closed?

An accelerator safety interlock (ACIS) validation item, required for both top-up and fill-on-fill, was not completed during the startup. The validation was completed during the last beam loss and further injections will be done with fill-on-fill. 

2. Is it possible for the users to set the operating limits for the undulator gaps?

The ID control system is very flexible and can accommodate various requests, not only for operating limits, but also in the gap response to different non-routine situations. The CAT personnel have significant operating experience with these devices. Therefore, we recommend that the CATs review their needs for ID control, determine the access limits for authority to change operating conditions and/or limits and provide a standardized request to Mohan. We can then develop an implementation plan. For the present, the floor coordinators have the access to change the ID gap-operating limit, but only when requested by the beamline manager or his designee. 


User Operations

Glen Decker reported on the status of the storage ring. Problems with an rf coupler during the startup postponed much of the scheduled run preparations and studies. The necessary rf conditioning has limited the peak current that is available for user operations. The maximum current at this time is 80 mA, but we expect to achieve 100 mA after next week’s studies period.

An 8-hour studies period will take place on Tuesday, May 15.