CAT Chat Minutes

April 27, 2001


User Operations

Glenn Decker reviewed the FY2001 Long Range Operations Schedule. Glenn pointed out that low emittance will occur on September 1218, 2001. The specific operating conditions for the low emittance run will be determined during upcoming studies periods.

The start-up for this run will begin on Thursday, May 3. The user run begins on Wednesday, May 9th. Modifications have been to the rf bpm system, which will permit the uniform filling of the storage ring without the need for the group of 6 bunches for bpm timing. The routine operation will revert to a fill of 24 singlets with a uniform spacing of 153 nsec. Studies time is needed to commission this system before we can reliably revert to the uniform fill. However, it is expected that we will be able to run in this mode sometime during the upcoming run.

Upgrades of the xbpm systems are continuing. The xbpm calibrated signals will not be available until software upgrades are established. More information will be provided by Wednesday, May 2.

A draft FY2002 Long Range Operations Schedule has been provided to the Cat Directors for their review. The schedule reflects a transition year to a 3 run / 3 shutdown schedule in FY2003. The FY2002 schedule includes 3 runs with 4 shutdowns. The schedule also includes top-up operation for 75% of the scheduled user time. This years scheduled top-up will be ~ 25%.


General Information

Safety=On Tuesday, May 1, Edmund Chang is scheduling facility inspections for LOMs 432-438. If you need more information, please send Edmund e-mail at: