CAT Chat Minutes

April 20, 2001


Information and Follow-up Items

Will users be included in the studies next start up?

There will be no user studies during the machine start up in May. As time permits, low emittance studies will be performed, but with shutters closed. The plan is to refine the operation of the storage ring and provide several blocks of time during the machine studies periods, most likely in June, for users to open shutters and perform tests and/or evaluations with the low emittance beam.


User Information

Low emittance mode is tentatively scheduled for the week September 12-17, and not during the next run as mentioned during the meeting. Further machine studies will determine the final conditions that will be used with this special operating mode. This mode is reflected on the run schedule available on the web.

The LN2 sub-coolers are the weakest link in the nitrogen distribution system. Operating the line with an intermittent demand rather than a continuous flow reduces the need for sub-cooling. Therefore, we will continue to investigate alternatives, but if a sub-cooler fails and needs to be removed, its removal will not affect the current overall performance of the system.

The shut down is going well. All tasks will be completed on time. Start-up will require extensive effort because of RF cavity work. In addition, much BPM work was completed. This may require some steering when beam is delivered to the users.

Another shutdown for the routine maintenance of switchgear will be next Saturday and will affect Sectors 16, 17, 18, 19 and LOM 435.