CAT Chat Minutes

March 30, 2001


User Information

The availability for this run is 96.5% and the mean time between faults is 27 hours. The storage ring has been running well and top-up operation has seen few interruptions due to injector faults. On Tuesday, March 27, a dipole magnet ground fault occurred. The whole machine studies period was used to investigate the fault. It appears that the fault was due to a trim winding on the dipole and since the current leakage was low, the trip set point was readjusted, and additional monitoring was added so that operation could resume. The fault will be corrected during the maintenance period. Other beam interruptions were due to a vacuum valve closure and a BPLD trip due to some, as yet undetermined, beam motion.

This run ends on Saturday, March 31, at midnight. User operations will resume on May 9, at 0800 hours.


General Information

Frank Bellinger is retiring as of Monday, April 2. Frank will be missed for all his dedicated work here at the laboratory. We wish him all the best now and in the future.

The zone A liquid nitrogen system shut down will take place, Monday evening, April 2. We will ensure that all user beam lines are ready before the system is shut down.