CAT Chat Minutes

March 23, 2001


Information and Follow-up Items

1. The TV screen messages and some of the E-mail messages contain information or acronyms that are difficult for the users to understand or ascertain the importance of the content. Can the relayed information be clarified?

Some of the e-mail messages are forwarded from other areas of the laboratory because of potential impact to various user systems. However, we will filter these more carefully so that the terminology and applicability to user systems is more appropriate. We will prepare a glossary of common terms that are used to explain computer problems so that accelerator issues can be more easily understood.

2. Will the storage ring beam coupling remain at percent?

The improved machine lattice has lowered the coupling. We expect it to remain close to the current value during further operation.

3.Is it possible to get the new beta values at our undulator? Also, a web page would be great displaying the values.

The modified lattice diminished the sector to sector variation in the beta functions, improving injection efficiency and lifetime. The new betas should be uniform around the ring. We will prepare a nominal specification set for the current operation and provide the information on a readily accessible web page.


User Information

The overall efficiency for the run this week is about 96%. Mean time between faults is ~ 26 hours.

The next weeks schedule will have an 8-hour studies period next Tuesday, March 27 followed by operation in the hybrid fill mode through the end of the run at midnight, Saturday, March 31. Beginning at 0000 on April 1, machine studies will take place for a 24-hour period and will be followed by scheduled maintenance. The next user run will begin May 9.


General Information

A controlled burn of wetlands will be taking place around the APS and ANL over the next several days. The affected areas are: 1) The path between outer circle and lodging, 2) A small area on the southeast side of building 201, 3) The wetland south of the Advanced Photon Source (APS), 4) The open field northwest of APS, 5) An area east of the North Gate entrance.

Please exercise caution when driving near the areas where the burn is taking place or where the smoke obscures visibility.