CAT Chat Minutes

March 16, 2001


Information and Follow-up Items

1. During top-up operation, during a period when top-up was suspended and then resumed, we detected significant beam motion. What happened?

The beam motion was noticed by the operations personnel and was investigated. It turned out to be the method by which the BPM intensity compensation was handled by the beam feedback system that only manifested itself as a problem after a cycle of top-up operation. This has been corrected.

2.Is it possible to have the information that is provided on the APS TV channels also available as web pages?

We are working to provide most of the information on web pages. Providing real-time information on some beam parameters will require further development.

3.How long will the Sector A liquid nitrogen system be shut down?

It will be shut down for approximately two weeks during the next maintenance period. The system will need to be warmed up to take care of a contamination problem within that line and a valve is in need of replacement.


User Information

Glenn Decker reported that the run statistics are:

Availability: 96.94%

Mean Time Between Failures:  27 hrs.

Top-up operation continues through the week of March 19. An 8-hour machine studies period will begin Tuesday, March 20 at 0800 hours. Top-up operation will end on March 26th. The hybrid fill mode will begin on March 28th and continue through the end of the run.


General Information

Channel 14 of the APS TV system now displays 35-BM beam profile in color. More material will continue to be added.

A new work request system is now in place and functioning. A few more modifications are still needed. Notifications to the users will be available within the next month.

A reminder to everyone on the User Science Seminar which will take place this coming Friday, March 23 at 12:00. If you need to order a box lunch, please notify the user office at x-9090 or by e-mail before 10:00 am. This is an opportunity for participation in telling others of your activities and science in your area. Cat Chat will follow at 1:15 p.m.  A reminder will be sent out Thursday, March 22.