CAT Chat Minutes

March 2, 2001


User Information

Glen Decker presented the seven-day storage ring current and beamline operations history. This past weeks availability was 97.3% Overall availability for the whole run thus far is ~ 96.7%. The mean time between failures has been 26.3 hours. A few glitches occurred with the real-time feedback system, but overall, its working well.

Tuesday, March 6, an 8-hour studies/machine intervention will take place beginning at 0800 hours.

Starting on March 14, top-up operation will begin for the next two weeks and on March 27 user operation will switch over to hybrid mode with top-up. The current user run will end on March 31 at midnight.

A new work request system will be in use soon. The new work request system will replace two existing systems for accelerator and users operation. As before, CATs will be notified by e-mail whenever work is planned that will affect their sector.


General Information

On Monday, March 5, Frank Bellinger, Bob Ferry, Bill Wesolowski and JoAnne Wold will be moving into the new LOM 431Z. B. Glagola, P.K. Job, J. Alderman, J. Vacca, R. Veluri and Health Physics technicians will also be located in the new 431Z area within the next month. The Health Physics counting laboratory will be located there, together with a radioactive sample transfer and receiving area. The Health Physics group is now part of the APS AOD Division.

Unfortunately, Frank Bellingers stay in the new quarters will be short since he plans on retiring on April 2. We all wish him well in his new endeavors.

Engineers from Gurley Precision Instruments will be visiting APS to present and demonstrate products including new position encoders. The demonstration will take place Wednesday, March 7 at 10:00 am in building 401/B4100. A cat net will be sent with further details.

Flyers are posted announcing the APS User Science Seminars. User science presentations will be given at each seminar. Lunches are $4 and can be ordered via e-mail and picked up at the seminar. There will be a time change for CAT Chat, which will move to 1:15, immediately following the seminar in Room A1100, Building 401.

If any Cats have bicycles in need of repair, please contact Rod Salazar at x-9495. The bikes will be fixed at no charge.

It was reported that the EMW would not be pulsed for the remainder of the run.