CAT Chat Minutes

February 9, 2001


Information and Follow-up Items

Sector 18 noticed some beam motion in our station. We recorded the beam position in our detector at 60 meters. Do you know the cause of the beam motion?

The EMW feedforward process only performs correction in horizontal plane. It should not affect vertical beam motion. To find the correlation of EMW toggling with your data, you may plot its AC current (PV: ID11:difail.VAL).


User Information

CY Yao, Chief of Operations, presented the operational statistics for the past week. The availability is ~ 95.4% for this run. The mean time between failures has been 19.6 hours. We had one long fill lasting about 109 hours. Currently we are on an ongoing fill of 69 hours. Since last Monday, February 5, the RT Feedback system has been running very well along with the EMW Feed forward. Two faults occurred: 1) RF system trip 2) Gate valve close. RMS motion at 1.3 um vertical and 1.7 um horizontal.

CY displayed a viewgraph of the 24-hour X/Y emittance & coupling results. During ID motions there is visible shift in the emittance.

A 48-hour machine intervention/studies period will start on Monday, February 12 beginning at 0800 hours.