CAT Chat Minutes

February 2, 2001


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Glenn Decker noted that availability has been ~ 93.6%. The mean time between faults is 14 hours, which is still below our goal and needs improvement. This past week a vacuum event in rf cavities sector 37 had occurred. As a result, the ceramic coupler showed evidence of excessive heating which caused an impact on the machine studies program. This cavity has been detuned and is slowly being brought back onto resonance as the coupler conditions and cools. Feed forward for the EMW wiggler is now in place for 11-ID. It was initially turned on at 10:00 pm Friday, January 26. There was a delay in starting it up following the studies period on Wednesday, January 31, due to a software bug, but it came back on properly at 4:30 pm. The real-time feedback is on now and running smoothly.

An 8-hour machine intervention/studies period will start on Tuesday, February 6 beginning at 0800 hours.