CAT Chat Minutes

January 19, 2001


User Information

Glen Decker reviewed the operational start-up for run 2001-2. Most of the startup time was occupied with rf system conditioning. Three new rf couplers had been installed during the last shutdown, and careful conditioning was required to ensure that the rf system could achieve operational levels. The conditioning process severely limited the available time for machine studies. Fortunately, the conditioning was completed just before the scheduled time for the user run.

An 8-hour machine studies period will occur on Tuesday, January 23 beginning at 0800 hours.

Roy Emerson reviewed the status of accessibility to PSS parameters. A concerted effort to standardize all of the beamline parameters and the associated PVs will be completed within a year. In the meantime, please e-mail your requests to Roy at: Roy will provide you with your beamline specific PV names for your PSS parameters. If you have an immediate need, page Roy at: 4-9907.