CAT Chat Minutes

January 7, 2001


Information and Follow-up Items

1. The humidity in the experiment hall is low during the heating season. Is it possible to correct it?

We are reviewing what is needed to correct the situation.

2. Over the holidays, local servers were to be upgraded. No notification was sent to inform us that e-mail services would be impacted also. As of today, our previous e-mail service has not been restored. A help desk request was submitted to computer support for their assistance. Can we get this problem fixed ASAP?

Admittedly, the information on e-mail services being affected was not distributed and we will work on getting this type of information out in a timely manner. Regarding the specific situation, the server changes were required to comply with the ANL CyberSecurity requirements. All exceptions must be reviewed and approved by the laboratory Cyber Security - Architecture Review Group. I understand that your CAT has made a presentation to this committee, and that recommendations are being reviewed.

3. Does APS support adding a second undulator for existing beamlines?

Yes. Contact Denny Mills at x-5680 and he will provide details on the latest cost estimate.

4. The long-range operations schedule reads March 7 for one week having non top-up mode. Is this necessary to have this take place in the middle of the run?

The week in the middle of the user run presents a much needed opportunity for repairs and studies for improvements to the injector systems along with operator training.


User Operations

Glen Decker presented the seven-day storage ring current and beamline operations history for week 8 and overall statistics for 2001-4. Glen indicated overall availability is 96.5% and the mean time between failures was 23.51 hours. The statistics for week 8 availability was ~ 93.3% and MTBF were 13.26 hours. During the last week of the run nine trips occurred caused by rf, PSS and power supplies.

Machine studies will begin on Friday, January 18 at 0800 hours. The user run will begin on January 23 at 0800 hours. The first week of the run will begin with non top-up user operations followed by 8-hours of shifts set aside for studies/machine intervention. Thereafter, top-up user operation in low emittance mode will take place.


General Information

J. Murray Gibson, Associate Laboratory Director for the Advanced Photon Source (APS), was introduced to the group. Murray will be attending Cat Chat meetings as time permits.

A workshop on High Current Operation will be held on Thursday, January 10, 2002 from 9:00 12:00 in room E1100. Discussions will also take place regarding high brilliance operations. All users are invited to attend.