CAT Chat Minutes

January 5, 2001


Information and Follow-up Items

1. In our sector, we noticed an adverse interaction of our beamline with the pulsing of the elliptical multipole wiggler. Certain experiments were dramatically affected. Can we be given advanced notice of when fields are going to be flipped?

Horizontal beam motion has been measured when the field of the EMW is switched. The magnetic correctors, which are supposed to compensate for the effect, are operating, but will be checked to ensure that the compensation is optimized. We would request that the observed effects in the beamlines that see an impact would be quantified, so we would have a way of measuring any improvements in the induced beam motion. We will also look into providing additional information on the operation of the EMW.

2. Snow removal in the 435-overflow parking lot always seems to be delayed. This is especially difficult when there are outside users present at the facility. Can this be addressed?

Building facility personnel will be contacted regarding snow removal procedures and priorities.


User Information

The scheduled work during the current shutdown period is progressing well. The Decker chicane has been implemented in Sector 5. Couplers have been replaced in the rf cavities, which were a cause of a recent series of beam losses during the past run. Because of the quantity of the maintenance work done, start up will be slow; but it will be completed during the machine studies time.

Fire alarm testing in the experiment hall and LOMs will be conducted Tuesday, January 9. It is expected that all of the necessary testing will be completed in one day. Because lab areas need to be entered to carry out the tests, floor coordinators will be contacting CAT staff to arrange access.

Switchgear shutdown and maintenance will be done on Saturday, January 7 and affecting sectors 12, 13, 14, and 15.