CAT Chat Minutes

December 15, 2000


Information and Follow-up Items

Due to the power outage that just occurred, will the liquid nitrogen system continue to operate? Will there be an interruption of liquid nitrogen during the holiday shutdown?

The liquid nitrogen valve closes at the time of the power outage, but reopens when the emergency backup power system starts. The liquid nitrogen refills will continue through the holidays.  

How does the power outage affect the cryo-coolers? Also, what is the time frame for generator backup?

When the emergency power comes on, the cryo-coolers should restart. The switchover to the generator takes approximately 30 seconds.  

During the blizzard that occurred on Monday, December 11, the parking lots were plowed, and the sidewalks were shoveled, but the transition between the two was left untouched. Can this be taken care of in the future?

PFS will be requested to complete the job.


User Information

On Friday, December 15, half of Argonne had experienced a power outage. The root cause(s) of the power outage is still being investigated. Startup will take approximately six hours minimum to get the machine back up and running. The availability for this week is 95%. Power supply fault(s) was the cause for the longest period of downtime resulting in three hours during this past week.

The hybrid fill mode using one fill per day is in effect now and will continue through midnight on Thursday, December 21; at that time, the maintenance period will begin. The next user run will start on January 17 at 0800 hours. During the Holiday shutdown the affected deliveries, travel, credit union hours are listed below:

Northgate will be open 24 hours; Westgate will be closed December 25 and January 1; East gate will be closed Friday, December 22 through Monday, January 1

No deliveries can be accepted at the laboratory during the holiday break, Federal Express will collect items in on-site drop boxes once a day, except for Christmas and New Years day, when there will be no pickup,

Argonne Credit Union will be closed December 22, 25 and 29 and January 1; and Guest House restaurant will be closed December 23 through January 1.

The Central Sun servers Oxygen and Ozone will be shutdown on December 26, 27, and 28 for computer and network maintenance. Starting Friday, December 22, computer security scans of computer systems in the APS area will take place. Vulnerability reports will be provided to computer support after the holiday break.

Dr. Hermann Grunder will be visiting the APS on Wednesday, December 20th, for a safety inspection of the facility. At this time, we have no schedule of the itinerary. We appreciate all of your efforts with respect to housekeeping and safety awareness on the Experiment Hall floor and within the LOMs.


General Information

If a power outage occurs, please page the floor coordinators to gain access into your beamlines enclosures.

In January 2001, noise level studies will take place in the experiment hall to identify noise sources and investigate ways of minimizing the noise level. If you have an area that is quite noisy, please inform your floor coordinator.

Its not too late to sign up for the APS annual Holiday Feast, on Monday, December 20. Please signup in the APS User Office.